Lau Plan

RSU #18’s Lau Plan

What is a Lau Plan?
A Lau Plan, named after the landmark Lau vs. Nichols U.S. Supreme Court Decision of 1974, is an equal access plan that protects English Learners (ELs). The plan describes what a School Administrative Unit (SAU) will do to:

  • identify its ELs;
  • design an effective program to meet ELs needs, including a Language Acquisition Committee (LAC) and Individual Language Acquisition Plans (ILAP);
  • employ appropriate English-as-a-second-language or bilingual personnel (or both);
  • align the instruction of ELs to state content standards; and
  • provide ongoing authentic assessments to ascertain their growth in English language proficiency by administering annually the ACCESS for ELLs® and in the comprehension of academic content.

Because the Plan requires school board or school committee approval, no administrator or other staff member of the SAU may veto, alter, or affect implementation that is contrary to the SAU’s Lau Plan. However, revisions and updates for subsequent board action may be submitted as necessary. A Lau Plan is a “working document” that should be revisited frequently.

Courtesy of: Maine Department of Education ESL and Bilingual Programs Website.
More info at:

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